My interest in photography originated from the fact that I had to take portrait pictures of my in-law family, leading me to also taking portraits of those who agreed while traveling or meeting with friends. I got well comments from them that really enforced me to study more. I always like to think "what do I need to do in order to take a beautiful picture?". I started thinking about a wider range of photography and taught myself by reading books, on-line tutoring, taking advice from knowledgeable people and attending workshops. This is how I started my journey in photography.

         There is so much to explore in the human face. From the smooth skin of the children to the wrinkles of the olds, all the textures convey a story with a thousand words. That is what I am trying to achieve with my portraits. I also like taking abstract photos that are very simple as flowers but having a strong character in my imagination. Inspired by the scenes of love and life, despair, hope and aspiration, celebration and colors around me, I strive to capture the world as seen through my eyes. Traveling also gives me opportunities to learn, enjoy other cultures and meet new friends. However, my appreciation of the world only finds meaningful when I can share it with others. Welcome to my website "Light Of Life Photography". My photos perhaps, do not have the "fascinating imagery' that attracts every person's attention, but if you can feel my sensitivity that makes me very happy.

  • Name:Ha Ai Minh
  • Website:
  • Origin:Vietnam
  • Photography style:Portraiture
  • My Gears:CANON-5D,CANON-40D, CANON digital Rebel XT, 24-105mm, 50mm, 17-85mm, 18-55mm, Telephoto USM 75-300mm, wide angle 16-35mm, Wide angle 12-24mm, Macro 105mm, Telephoto USM 100-400mm

Minh Ha


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